Angels fall through the floor, like they would do if I was captain.

So yes my first Blog post, what to write about…

Been listening to the new(ish) Biffy Clyro album (Only Revelations), damm that album is good. If you’ve not heard it yet have a listen, its class – cross queen of the stone age and early idlewild stuff.

My main reasons for liking it are:
1. good use of strings (i.e they have their own parts and arn’t just stuck on as an afterthought) which is a good and refreshing thing to find in modern music.

2. The drummer plays like me which is both comforting (as not many drums do) and a pleasure to hear as I can easily imagine myself playing the songs.

3. They have an amazing way of starting a song and it sounding quite simple and taking it to another level – do this is once is impressive but for every song on the album its a bit special.

Now I’ve not been the greastest fan of Biffy in the past, I always thought of their attempts rather limp and lacking something, a spark. This album however has me hooked.
Key tracks: The Golden Rule,  Many of Horror – “when we collide we come together, if we don’t we will always be apart,”

My Musical conquests

So now She’s Not Dead has basically died but may come up again but for now she is in a ditch – and Brown Paper Aeroplane are in a forced break (everyone moved away), I have chosen to join We Sell Seashells.

It was hard at first as it is again a total different change of style for me, very odd and difficult time signatures (most things are rooted in 5’s or 7’s) and near impossible changes in time and speed with little to no break for your mind to catch up. I have enjoyed the challenge of learning all this stuff though and it is starting to stick in my head which is always a good thing. I don’t think I have ever worked so hard for a band in the past though, for example we have 4 hour practises each week and I’m trying to listen to the tracks as much as possible so it stays in my head between practises. This listening much as possible basically amounts to every day playing through the set on my ipod at least twice.

Speaking of previous musical projects – I’ve just given the whole band (don’t worry Pete yours is on its way), their lot of our last album (100 cd’s each) of The Beginning. It is actually a good mini album, it has multi – instrumentation, 3 part vocal harmonies, me top ending microphones with my cymbals and 7 minute long songs – we just never toured it with any real conviction. After seeing James this weekend for a bit of chat about things among which SND came up, it was clear that it sorted ended for a reason. I don’t think we could as a band we could have continued what we were doing, and if we do get back together it would be a matter of ditching 90% of our previous songs and starting again.

The Ipad – useless bit of gadget – my view feel to disagree.

I’ll write more about my faith, life, tech, marketing and music as life as the weeks and months grow long.

God’s love to every single one of ya


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