So this is Beauty…

While I was doing some research for work I bumped into the beauty section of channel 4’s website.

Bit of a back story first, I know a fair few girls who are into fashion and make-up (as most women are) two of my favourite blogs are in fact to do with such things Rach’s and Emily’s. So I’ve also had to support girls when they think they are not good enough, don’t look as good as someone else and other such feelings of not being good enough. This is something I have had to deal with most of my life, I don’t mean in a femine way just in a self-esteem way but with the the same feelings of rejection and lack of confidence in one’s own appearance. The point I’m trying to get to is that I know the pain and it annoys me when the world just makes it worse.

Now this isn’t going to be a massive blog post about beauty magazines blatant use of the old heal patch tool on Photoshop, but what I found on channel 4 beauty website. OK so it is a small part and I do accept it is the media but seriously you can judge the other women here!  I think it just annoyed me that some parts of the website seem to be right on my train of thought (see their campaign on ridding the world of the photoshop airbrush) and other bits just seem to be showing the bad side of judging what people wear etc etc.

Maybe I just wish the industry allowed for everyone to be  beautiful and not just the thin and ‘good-looking’ but maybe very slowly it is. I just see the other side of girls trying to live up to ideals that aren’t attainable and it is painful to watch.

Everyone is beautiful in this world in one way or another the sooner every knows the sooner we can better people – simple = true

This is all nice but where are the photo’s? Well they are coming and lots of French ones will soon be here, I just need some processing time – so hopefully in the next 2 or 3 posts some massive photo uploads will take place. here is a peek…

Thanks for reading I will return with more interesting thoughts later.


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