Red Arrows: Best flight display team in the world

I think most people can remember the first time they see the Red Arrows fly over, it’s epic, 9 (sometimes 10) aircraft basically doing mental things in the air. The following photographs I hope show this great technical flying and the Red Arrows awe inspiring displays. For more info see


2 thoughts on “Red Arrows: Best flight display team in the world

  1. I agree with your sentiments regarding the skills involved in achieving such precision in a display, but I cannot be the only one who remembers a time when they wouldn’t give them a second glance! During my 3 years stationed at Scampton in the next hanger along to the ‘Reds’ I can honestly state that we barely batted an eyelid when they practiced in the skies above the airfield. In fact, we came to curse them as they prevented us towing our aircraft to the engine running pan for a ground run!
    However it didn’t stop us quietly beaming with pride when another ‘inferior’ display team **cough ‘Russians’ cough** came visiting as, to our biased eyes at least, we (note the Royal ‘we’ there, my new best friends for the duration) showed them what real flying was all about.
    Now, some 17 years after leaving Scampton and 16 after leaving the RAF I might still curse the day they made me sit waiting for an hour before I could move my aircraft, but under the façade of indifference I still look at their displays and think ‘bloody hell their good!’

    • Thanks for the comment, we do sort of take them for granted a little which removes us slightly from their greatness. I can imagine your waiting to fly must have been annoying, what was quite interesting during this display a glider went into their aerospace so red1 (is that the leader on the ground?) had a word over the radio. Was a great day and I’m still shocked at what I got with a 18-35mm lens.

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