Victoria & Toong Chin’s Wedding: Last wedding of 2010

So here it is the last wedding I attended of 2010. Once again I was on drumming duties for the wedding which was great to do with my previous church worship band. We had a great day and the Chinese wedding traditions were great to experience (they like tea more than me!). During this night I came up with the great pint pocket idea; a shirt pocket big enough to hold a pint….oh yes try it next time your able, you may never look back. See number 14 for some great looking light spinning due to the dark conditions but I managed to get thier faces focusing on each other.

I was quite proud of the photos overall, next up on this blog are two baptisms and then maybe some Christmas cake making

I’ll talk you through the photos I took.

1 – High hat’s going in the colour theme for the wedding. 2-3 the happy couple during the wedding. 4 -Olivia. 5-My wife looking happy… 6-9 Post wedding kisses and hugs. 10 – Groom on a space hopper – apparently this is normal. 11 – Sat at my table.  12 – that photo opp at the end of everything but before dancing! 13 – First dance. 14 – The couple look on to a room full of people! 15 – pretty flowers on tables. 16 – the greatest invention ever…Pint POCKET!

Till next time…keep it reel.


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