Bang and the Firework is gone

Fireworks are very hard to photograph… by hard I mean harder than trying not to slip on this ice the UK is currently covered in. The main hurdle to get over is darkness, so we either turn the iso up to crazy levels or leave the shutter open for a large amount of time.

With a mixture of the two and some (quite frankly loopy) photoshop colour editing I have come up with these 3 firework images. I took these in Castleford in my home town; the local rugby club put on a very large firework display which borders on the budget of their players wages for a year. The first few bursts of fireworks everybody was actually scared for their life and at one point I thought the early 20th Century stadium would be floored! Once people got over that shocked their was a great family atmosphere.

Without a tripod I had to stop breathing to take these images – who says I don’t suffer for my art. For the photoshop part I used ‘curves’ for the levels, and then picked out the different colours I wanted to bring out and used ‘selective colour’ and ‘colour balance’ Enjoy and let me know what you think.


FireworksFireworks 2010Fireworks 2010


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