Welcome to York’s Ice Age

Although we are out of the worse of it (for now), at the start of this month York had been in the icy grip of winter. This winter grip included a solid layer of snow or ice on paths and roads, flowing rivers iced over and a -14C walk to work!

During the 29th of November and around the 9th December I took my Nikon D3000 to work and back everyday and worked out what would work and what wouldn’t and hopefully the images below show the best of York’s ice and snow scenes on my route to work.

By the way the purple coloured image – original colour of the image! Couldn’t believe how vivid it was… anyway enjoy the images and these images are also on my flickR account to the left.

Merry Christmas and thanks for reading this blog, and do remember what Christmas is all about (clue is in the name…)



3 thoughts on “Welcome to York’s Ice Age

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