Edinburgh – A return to a quite beautiful city (part1)

Hello again, Christmas break means I have some time for editing and processing pictures, and so it comes to our visit t0 our honeymoon destination – Edinburgh, three years on. This visit was perhaps even more decadent than the previous visit, we travelled 1st class (by getting the tickets the day of sale), had champagne and chocolate in our room, had the suite of the guest house (again), and had a Christmas meal in the castle.

The reason this blog is split into four parts is because of the photographs I attempted on this trip, this first blog post shows some traditional holiday photographs with a few tricks put in. The second blog will contain photos taken in the Edinburgh Camera Obscura, this is basically optical illusions and tricks that let me do fun things with my camera.

The third post will show off a trick called tilt photography, this is when you move the camera while leaving the lens shutter opening and so capture a mix of light and movement without much definition but an wealth of creativity. The fourth and final part will showcase two panorama’s taken from the top of Edinburgh castle.

The below pictures are part 1. The shot with the wall on the right with the castle in the background is two pictures blended together, and so creates an impossible photo with two broad focal points, boring but oddly fun. I’ve put one of me in there so you can see my ugly face and one of my wife so you can her nice looking face, enjoy and have a nice New Year!


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