Edinburgh – A return to a quite beautiful city (part4)

And to the final part of this little series of blog posts, now my camera doesn’t have a panorama function to knit shots together so I had to do these two manually, with so many images the angles some times don’t work but I’ve done my best. I flipping love the night scene (first one), as it shows just the start of night with lights beginning to come on and it just looks like a living city.

As ever these are taken on a Nikon D3000 using no filters and for these no tripod, post editing has included level and colour corrections on some pictures but other than that they have remained as taken. Do let me know what you think of these as it was the first time I tried them, the resolution is a little down as at full res they are about 300MB each.

Hope you enjoy and thanks for reading…

Edinburgh panoramic night

Edinburgh panoramic daytime


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