How social media helps Breakfast News

Hello all, I’m in a bit of a photography lull at the moment but I thought I’d share this quite amazing example of social media. This morning I was sat having breakfast with Mairi and I was checking my twitter feed and saw a tweet by @bbcbreakfast presenter @simonbreakfast or Simon Jack, he tweeted asking for any questions for the owner of the 99p stores. I asked Mairi is there anything you want to ask the man? She said “do they just have 1p’s in the till?” I thought what the hay I’ll ask… so then this happened…

and lo and behold (see from 2:05)

Now I know what you your thinking…Roy that could have been anyone, Simon might not have even read your tweet. All valid points so I found out…

So basically this made my day, it also shows us just how direct twitter can be as a tool for communication. I also think it’s great that the BBC have their reporters tweeting – asking us, the public, what we want to know even if it is a little jovial.


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