Feather’s on ya blind side

Well it’s been a long time, lots of things have happened. I’ve mainly been getting ready for my baby coming into the world.

An incoming child into your life has the unexpected byproduct of you trying to get round all your friends and family before the baby comes. This is presumably because you won’t be leaving the house as soon as you have a little poop factory. Well one such trip was to Lotherton Hall in West Yorkshire with my parents. This place is a great get away, it has a big house that I’ve never been in and a bird garden that I haven’t been in but not for many a year. My mother reminds me it was primary school I last went round here, it’s funny how much I remembered, I also remember coming with friends on our street which holds good memories of perfect summers.

So on this day it was a very warm April day, we had ice cream at the end. Even though we came from York and was held up and my parents come from a different direction we both entered into the cars waiting to park up area at the same time…mental!

Anyway here are my photos of the birds we saw. I did love doing close up shots, I like the photographs where you can really see the feathers on the birds, so I hope you enjoy them too. Just click on one to be taken my flickr page.

(title is The Twilight Sad reference)

Mr Burns birdNew image_106Bird missing legSgt Major birdBeautiful singing birdAn odd looking birdNew image_163New image_165New image_167Flamingo land - sort ofOrange breasted bird2Orange breasted birdHow many blues and purple's?Open to elementsBrown Duck sleepsWhite black birdOrange / black birdGibson WomenHoward Man of the people


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