The lost images

So I was on my flickr account doing some rather boring stats checking and came across some images that flickr says no one has (other than me) haa seen these images – so I thought well I’ll make a short blog post about them.

These lost images come from all over but if you click on them you will get a better image and also see where, when and how they were taken. I’m not going to say they are my best work but some I’m actually quite fond of so i’m rather sad no one has seen them.

I’ll try and do some new projects in the next few works – but as I’m due to be a Dad (still sounds odd) early August they may never get done! I’ll also do a post about fatherhood and my thoughts on it all.

3 Year Anniversary Scotland 23 Year Anniversary Scotland 123 Year Anniversary Scotland 143 Year Anniversary Scotland 17Edinburgh Camera Obscura 93 Year Anniversary Scotland 13Sheep on the DalesWhat's that coming over the hillRipon CathedralAysgarth Falls 5Wispy cloud on horizon 1Light bulbs in trees 2old windows


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