My First BTCC event.

My interest in motorsport has sky rocketed since marring my wife, I was a casual F1 fan and liked ‘going fast’ on any given transportation so I guess the fire was always in the belly but had not been given the oxygen.

Mairi turned a year older on June 1st so as a late birthday present she wanted to go see the BTCC (British Touring Car Championship), and I didn’t object so we pointed our car to Croft in North Yorkshire and journeyed over there last weekend (18 – 19 June).

I absolute loved it, the passion the accessibly of meeting the drivers before the race and seeing the pit lane even while some of the cars were very quickly being worked on. It was just a fantastic day and I would recommend it to anyone liking fast cars and a great day out.

Now I did have a bit of lens envy at Croft nearly ever person I saw seemed to have a giant lens from 100mm to £1000+ pro sports lens’. So some of these images are cropped just so we can all zoom in and look at the picture. Some of the quality might be a bit down due to that reason but I hope you enjoy the photos and get a sense of the atmosphere at croft raceway.

My wife does pick good birthday pressies.
(all taken with Nikon D3000 18-55mm edited with photoshop 7)

Ginetta without a back.Matt Neal Tilt Photography croft When 2 are behind 1Alex Lynn winningGinetta no bonnet Using every bit of thetrackTalegate racing Lea Wood Board Matt Neal and Robert CollardLap 1 corner 1 wetDrivers say hello in the rainMe at croftMairi at croftOne good looking safety carWets or drys? 2Wets or drys? 1Team Aon cutting it fineThe Team Aon lads 2The Team Aon ladsJust get the arm Team Garage Leyland Paint Pot wavesMatt Neal's Car 2Matt Neal's CarMatt Neal smilingFlash interview


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