Guardian Camera Club: Tourism

York is a grand place to live and in the center of town almost every view is interesting and almost too good to be true, every time you’re out in York your eyes are treated to a feast of history and idealistic city scenes.

So when The Guardian Camera Club announced at the beginning of June that their next assignment was tourism, imagine me joy – York second only to London for tourism, a gift of an assignment! So imagine my disappointment where the guide video was totally based in York, not only was all the best spots taken but I had to think outside the box.

So I thought I’ll focus on people in tourism and go from their. My photography of people is still coming along so it was a challenge, I don’t normally like asking people to take photos of them as it’s bit odd and intrusive but soon as you mention ‘The Guardian’ it’s like a link to access all area’s. Don’t get me wrong; I didn’t say I was doing a serious piece, I did make it perfectly clear it was for a competition, but people did seem to surprisingly go along with it. So a big thanks for all the people that let me take photographs of them and here are my best shots.

When I posted this it was also featured in the privileged Guardian Camera Club flickR group  if you can’t see my images just keep going back – enjoy and check out others idea on the theme (it also includes other great images). As every all images taken by a Nikon D3000 with 18-55mm VR lens.

York castle and tourist busNo jokeCharacterture from the victim Characterture from the artistPurple Bike Man


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