Early Summer flowers

Me and Mairi don’t have much in the way of a garden at our current home but we do have a back yard. It rarely gets sun across the yard as it’s a North – South house with houses either side with a wall on one side and our kitchen and bathroom on the other so really any thing we plant needs first of all care and second of all water management.

We therefore go out of our way to make it a colour explosion and also to plant as much crop (both fruit and veg) as possible, this year we have grown strawberries (big yield this year), potatoes (just coming up), tomatoes (not ready yet) and herbs like rocket and chives.

Below are some photos I took of the flowers and the veg plants a few days ago, it includes the awesome Japanese Lily which we thought had died in the 10 inch snow we had, but nope he came back to life (much to our surprise) and produced a great flower this year.

So enjoy the pretty pictures one and all.

Tomato plant leaf with rain drop1 Tomato plant leaf with rain drop2New image_39dianthus petalsMarigoldPetunia dianthus petals 2Strawberry plantJapanese lilyJapanese lily 2Foxglove Japanese lily 3


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