My thoughts on becoming a father

Well this has come round fast, it seemed like two minutes ago I was jumping up and down next to a little white stick (not the wii remote), now it’s 4 weeks to go before silence is broken forever. Many people have been asking me my thoughts on my change of circumstance and how I need to grab sleep while I can.

A few of my thoughts…

Ideal role models
So when becoming a parent your thoughts turn to your own parents and how they raised you and to be honest I couldn’t have asked for better. As my Yorkshire roots force me to say; ‘I never went without’ really, I did have the odd dreams of motorcycle ownership but other than that I had a great up bringing and my parents couldn’t have done enough.

I was once having a half-time drink at a gig when my band used to do 2 hour+ gigs in the Lion, and a certain other drummer said to me “Your parents are the best fans you’ll ever have,” and he is right, though thick and thin they have been there and still continue to support me so if I need to think ‘how am I going to be a good dad?’ I don’t need to look far.

Life into the world
Another thought is ‘chuff the world is a bit crap at the minute, wars, debt, terrorism and Jim Davidson’ all of these things should really exist but for what ever reason they do. In remember theology class learning of a philosopher who basically argued ‘look at this world, if God knew this pain why would he even started it all off, surely we were better just not existing’. Not something I subscribe to really but the thought does cross your mind ‘I’m bringing a baby into this?!?!’ but then you think of the all the children born into extreme poverty and you come to value life that little bit more. I hope that my child comes to learn the value of life, other people in the world and value what they can bring to this world. In the end I think we all have our part to play and if we think differently the world ends up being a bit crap (- note this isn’t me pandering to the Cons Big Society).

Getting a bit over emotional…

The first time I saw this advert I actually had tears in my eyes as it it shows perfectly what I have in my mind regarding this whole thing (ps think it omits the sleepless nights, sick, poo, arguments etc)

So there are my thoughts – I can’t really express how much I’m looking forward to it, I’ll do a blog post in a few weeks when I have had 2 hours sleep and it’s all a complete nightmare but for now let me basic in ignorance.

Keep it real…


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