BBQ, goodbyes and people photography

Recently me and Mairi attended a BBQ where we were saying goodbye to a few people who were moving on from various families and groups attached to my first York church. One person was Elena (the young blonde girl in the photos) who was brought into the Patterson family while she studied at York College, she came all the way from Berlin, Germany and would skype her family back home.

Don’t know about you but when I look back at me at 16, the last thing I wanted to do was leave my family and friends and go to a strange country and bed-in with a family. Yet that’s what Elena did so hats off to her, I tried to get a few pics of here but I overall wanted to grab the feeling at the BBQ (and cake once it started raining). I do think I’m coming along taking photos of people so that’s good. Let me know what you think… is my self belief misplaced? am I just crap? or am I good but not brill… let me know.

As ever, click on the photographs to get more info.

The art of conversationTom and cakeNot much cake left"what are you doing?"Good conversation and cakeYum foodElena and Vic



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