The Super League Licence: Why Cas stay in and Wakefield make way for Widnes.

Dean Widders Try against WakefieldSo first things first; I’m a Cas Tigers fan – have been since day dot and no doubt will be till I die.

With that out of the way lets have a quick look at why I think Castleford Tigers will stay in the Super League and Wakefield will say goodbye to life in the top flight.

First we look at the criteria for a licence:

a. Commercial, Marketing, Media and Community.
b. Facilities.
c. Finance.
d. Governance and Business Management.
e. Playing Strength and Player Performance Strategy.

The first section looks at how the club helps others around it through various channels – I would guess both clubs are matched in this area really, with a slight edge for Castleford but I am Cas fan so I would notice that side of things more.

The second section facilities – Again both teams are quite evenly matched, don’t get me wrong I love ‘going down lane’ but it has been there for ages now and has been showing it’s age since ohh early 2000’s when kindly made a massive advertising board to patch up the leaky posh stand roof (it was later repaired correctly). But both Wakefield and Cas have rather poor stadia.

The third section is where the cracks in my opinion start showing for Wakefield, having gone into administration towards the start of this season they were deducted points by the RFL for doing so. Having been saved by a number of wealthy fans coming together to buy the club and get it solvent, they have struggled in league performances have been rooted to the bottom half of the table ever since.

Castleford on the other hand have always been fine for money for as long as I can remember, we have been investing into a youth systems for as long as I can remember also, even leading to my fellow Castleford Panthers players from my youth making it through to the first team from time to time.

So even the most harden of Wakefield fans will take that as a hit to their bid, next up it’s Governance and Business Management. Here we see Wakefield once again fall down in my opinion, with it’s new owners making a profit now this will have been too late to prove in the application, as such not really provable in the same way that Castleford’s solid business and consent solvency over the past few years can be proved on paper at the time of application. A bit of a soft one this but the RFL should be able to see this case.

And finally we look at player strength and player performance strategy, Castleford are 6th and Wakefield are 13th. I don’t really mean to so clear cut but this simple fact speaks volumes, Castleford don’t have a massive squad to pick from and will sometimes dip into academy and even under 19’s when we have lots of injures just like another clubs in super league. Now this might seem a bit of a poor showing but these few academy help outs help maintain Castleford in the top half of Super League. Thus showing just how strong our youth setup is and actually better than Leeds Rhinio’s when you look at what our young talent can do.

But what is the final nail in the coffin? Why are you so sure? Because this was put on the Guardian website now this wouldn’t be so bad if THE ANNOUNCEMENT ISN’T OUT YET! You either have to be bloody sure Wakefield are on there way out (and have some balls to put your views public like this) or already know. I could be wrong but I think Andy Wilson already knows the fate of these two clubs. A more telling story is that Castleford have invited fans to see the announcement at the Tigers Bar…Wakefield are just training and have no plans for the fans… I think we all know how this ends now.


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