The first 2 weeks of life

Well as most you will now know I’m a dad to a beautiful baby daughter, Roberta Holly Gibson. Here are my thoughts on becoming a dad thus far…


We aren’t doing too bad on this front at the moment, she gets her head down around 2am in the morning and then sleeps until 7ish has a small feed and then sleeps until 11am. Not sure how long this will last and we did have a 3 day long kink in the pattern but we are now back int he swing of things. Now we have had a few people ask us “HOW have you done that?” truth is we don’t know, she just did it on the first night she was home and we kept it up the best we could.


Don’t worry won’t go into this side of things too much, lets just say it was a bit hard at first then both mum and baby got the hang of it and now it’s relatively simple and without too many tears.


There is no question that to me and Mairi, Roberta is the cutest baby ever; we flipping love her! Mairi’s favorite thing about Roberta so far is that Roberta seems to love us back. My favorite thing is that she makes funny faces throughout the day.

Activities and toys

Favorites are the jungle gym from work and Jonathan Bunny who is a bunny head and then his body is a towel – odd to us grownups but a great companion to a growing girl!

Here are the photos I took over the 2 weeks I have been at home with Roberta. Most of that time was taken up by changing nappies, helping with getting her to sleep and helping out around the house. In between all those jobs and more I took a few images some from birth and some at home, as ever just click on one to learn more.

Baby Roberta (3)Baby Roberta (2)Baby Roberta Mummy with Roberta about 30 minutes after the birthThe tiniest name badge ever! Daddy with daughter about 1 hour birth.Sleep time...Granddad Gibson with RobertaNana and Granddad Gibson with Roberta 3Nana and Granddad Gibson with Roberta 2Nana and Granddad Gibson with Roberta Roberta in her new Jungle Gym 1Roberta in her new Jungle Gym 2Roberta in her new Jungle Gym 3Roberta in her new Jungle Gym 4Roberta in her new Jungle Gym 5


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