Being a dad – 8 weeks in

Being a dad… well its a challenge so I thought I’d note down a few thoughts on it from 8 weeks in.

Free time
What is this free time you speak of? Before we had Roberta to look after we had lots of fee time to go where we liked and do what we liked as a couple. Once you’re a dad that almost goes out of the window, I say almost as I think if you weren’t careful it would just get eaten up by tasks but a few things have remained thanks to organisation and an understanding wife. The key to that is sharing the caring for Roberta between me and Mairi, which in the first few weeks is hard but as time goes on you can both do a bit so it becomes easier.

Is my child quite clever?
This is one of the stereotypical lines from new parents, ‘x is just quite intelligent’, ‘ it’s just the way x plays he/she just seems so clever’. In most cases it will not be true, otherwise the world would be full of quite advanced babies which would just make that the norm thus making lots of normal babies! But Roberta does seem to focus on things and be able to hit them from 6 weeks, she has been able to flip her self over since 6 days old, and has had really good sleep patterns from day 1. In fact the most impressive thing is that if she is not in her PJ’s by 8:30pm we are told by a loud scream, I kid you not!

So this ‘being a dad’ lark is tiring, very rewarding and to be truly honest I can not imagine not having Roberta around. On the back of Steve Hobson’s suggestion I took some more photos of Roberta, these are from 6 weeks so she a bit more weight on her now. Enjoy

Roberta's Favorite play matHappy girlDaddy's fingerLook at youRoberta at play


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