Working at the NRM

While putting some of my recent work on my back-up hard drive I came across some old pictures I took on my then amazing ‘smartphone’ Nokia N95. These shots are from my time working at the NRM, I hope this gives you a little snap shot into my time working for such a fun and active museum.

I’ve picked out a few highlights here:
What would brian do??
This is Brian and he was taken from a press cutting after turning up to the museum for a party after over 50 years in the fish frying business, me and Ms Senior then made a little area for him. When puzzling over a marketing idea we would ask ‘what would Brian do?’

Tornado in paintshop with tony

This is Tony who was the guy who painted everything in the Museum – his skills with a paintbrush were on another level, if you look around the Museum all the locos are hand painted mostly by HIS hand… mental. This is him next to his new project just a brand new full size steam loco!

DofH at York 3

This shot is Duchess of Hamilton arriving at York Station, this one had a special place in my heart as a Friend of the NRM first suggest that this project be undertaken and I’m pleased to say he made it to the launch of the restored loco but then sadly passed away a few months later. Ian Smith was head of CMS Ireland and a wonderfully enthusiastic man, a kind warm and gentle man, when he saw this in the Great Hall he had a tear in his eye and hugged me. He was a great man and I miss him, so this shot is for him.

Everyone on train

This is the Marketing and Press department for the museum circa September 2008 (with me behind the camera). We had some good times…

The rest of the photos are below so enjoy the little snapshot into my working life at the NRM.

Yorkshire wheel down (3)Yorkshire wheel down (2)Yorkshire show - DawnYorkshire show (4)Tornado in paintshop with tonyTornado before the public got to seeTornado before the publicTornado arrives 09Steam train at NRM June 2010Snow at workYorkshire wheel downOppsFlying Scotsman wheel dropLinolnshire show 08KGV arriving from swindon 09JP's back (5)Ian HislopGreen arrowGreat reunionGreat reunion (7)Flying Scotsman bolier test fitFlying scotsman 09 (2)First deltic modelDofH at York 1DofH at York 2


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