I got some new headphones and didn’t spend £100’s

I like music, no i love it! Not a day goes buy where I don’t listen to my iPod or stereo at home. My use of headphones is then normally far greater than most so I listen on the way to work, on the way home from work and then doing the washing up on a night. So 3×300 (give or take sick days, weekends, holidays etc) is 900 times a year. It’s safe to say most headphones struggle to last past 18 months, broken buds, broken wires, and  everything else, for this reason I don’t tend to spend lots of money on my headphones but should that mean I have to comprise on the sound?

I am an awful shopper, by that I mean that anyone I shop with I’m awful for them, I never choose and take hours to research what I want – In short I’m a nightmare. So with the greatness of internet shopping I did some killer research into cheapish earphones that pack a punch, I really won’t bore you with the details but I ended up going with a new company called SoundMagic and their PL30 model.

They received some great reviews and the PL range got a what HiFi award this year for best budget earphone, but could they be that good for £27.99 answer? YES oh YES.

I’ve had plenty of earphone previous to this including the very good Sennheiser PMX 70, but as soon as I put some of my favorite songs on my ipod oh I understood what all the fuss was about. Goodness they are good, getting a good fitting seal to the ear is a must, soon as that is sorted you are in listening bliss.

If your thinking of getting some headphones, seriously these headphones are sooo good for the money.

SoundMagic didn’t pay me for comment I really like these headphones.


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