Stuff I got at Judy’s Vintage furniture fair

Well I started writing this on my laptop but then thought is my Galaxy S2 up to the job of making a top class blog post… Let’s find out.

So we went to Judy’s Vintage furniture fair in York a while ago and never truly wrote up our finds. First was this 1970s clock which took our fancy… image

And then we found this gem of a table image

Which were in fact totally different items than our intended dining room chairs. We were, and still are, chuffed with our purchases (job lot of £55 for the two).

The clock is battery operated smooth movement, which means it doesn’t tick but moves in a continuous motion. It’s a great example of design looking back 20 and 40 years after its creation to take nods of art deco and simple clean design with curves.

The table is wood with ceramic tiles on top, it really goes well in our house and is lovely piece of furniture.

So the moral of the story is go to any of Judy’s Vintage fairs and you’ll never know what you might find.


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