York in Snow

Last year I did a rather popular blog post on the snow in the UK in York (see it here), so as the snow came once more I went out for 10 minutes to shoot a few quick shots. I was mostly there by myself, a runner ran by me which made me take a look at the rather Greek snow sculpture which is only Greek in my opinion due to the lack of a head and view of her breasts.

I also heard the familiar sound of a rowing boat, now running I can see; a crisp Sunday morning ‘go for a run before the world has truly awaken’ but rowing?!?! Shock was one word as the 2 man boat emerged from the freezing fog at -2c!

Anyway take a look at the below, normal stats apply all taken with a Nikon D3000 with 18-35mm lens no tripod this time. Click to see more detail on Flickr

Let me know which image is your favorite…

Snow measurement in my Garden 05/02Rowing in snow and fogRowing is life for someA life ring in snowA row of houses on the ouse with snowSnow covered pathSnowwoman and dogSnowwoman and dog 2Snow runnerStairs to Ambrose streetTow path into fogMillennium bridge in Fog


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