Lotherton Hall trip

Lotherton Hall holds great memories for me as a kid, but you used to pay one price to park and then another price to go into the Hall (or House as it was referred to), so I’ve never been to the house. Just the grounds and the bird garden enclosures were the visited attractions for me and my family, that is until they changed the prices.

It used to be £5 per car and then you payed to go into the house, now it’s £5 per person but you get into the house for free! So on a recent trip I took the opportunity to take a look inside, I also couldn’t resisit looking at the birds while I was there.

This little trip was also the first time out with my gorgeous new lens I got for my birthday, a 50-200mm NikonR VR, mmmm it is a bit good and allowed me to manually zoom so close to the objects it was an unreal experience.

Anyway enough from me, each image is Taken by a Nikon D3000 with a 50-200mn lens let me know which is your favorite image by using the comment feature below.

Rhea lookingOstrich eye A red headGuinness anyone?African enclosure 1African enclosure 2African enclosure 3African enclosure 4Harp makerHoly HarpStunning fireplace pictureRoberta looking at Carol


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