Best Christian Easter Tunes

Easter is my favorite time of year, I think these days I enjoy it more than Christmas. It’s something about the darkness of the Easter story really appeals to me. Well, while I remember why and how my Lord God died I think about it in music (I do this most of the time) so here are a few tunes that should be played around Easter but seldom aren’t (in the UK at least). I Thought of Dave Burton while writing this…his blog is ace check it out.

Brandnew – Jesus Christ
A song about doubting religion, doubting whether you believe, doubting if society would accept you if you believed… “what did you do those 3 days you were dead because this problem’s going to last more than the weekend”

Thrice – For Miles
A stunning song that for me conveys the ‘darkness’ of this Easter time, the darkness of humanity…love it. “There is no greater love than that shed his blood for his friends”

Downhere – A Better Way
My go-to Christian band Downhere wrote this stunning Easter message song – it’s good. This song also features perhaps the greatest singer I have ever heard with my own ears.

The Stone Roses – I am the Resurrection
Although an anti-Christian song, at this time of year I end up singing this song a lot. In the Manchester Passion they used this song at the end and I thought it was a great use of a song that had started out with the opposite meaning to what it was used for.

Happy Easter all…


2 thoughts on “Best Christian Easter Tunes

    • Hi Truth, thought it was – Ian brown is quoted as saying – “I saw a poster with the words that had been written with fluorescent paint, that was put on the door of a church and it impressed me. So this lyric is about anti-Christianity. If people have a normal brain, they should find out how false this statement is. But sometimes people need mental support even though they understand the real meaning. Very sad or ironic, the church is making money… the Roman Catholic Church is the richest religious organization in the world, everyone must know that.”

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