I’m a published photographer… sort of

“I’ve been taking photos for a while now and my work has started to get noticed,”

This is how I would love to say my images worked their way on to the one the Uk’s most popular property websites. What actually happened is that myself and my colleague Ben have been coming with a new section of www.your-move.co.uk just for Scotland, we then had the choice of paying for some bog standard and slightly clichéd images of Scotland or we could use my own images from a trip me and my wife took to Edinburgh were we have two branches. So we opted for the later and here are the results:

http://www.your-move.co.uk/scotland/ – I think they look pretty cool if I do say so myself.

Sorry there hasn’t been much posting for a bit but life is a busy place. I do however have a backlog of awesome pictures to post up, including my daughters baptism, a best mates wedding, a Gentry Morris gig, and holiday pics. You have all that to look forward to in the coming weeks.

Take care and drive.


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