Northumberland Summer Holiday Part 4

When the sun is perfect

In this installment we have Dunstanburgh Castle and the Olympic torch relay no less!

So our journey to Dunstanburgh Castle was across a field witch is natural trust owned and then you enter the castle which is English Heritage owned BUT you can get in for free as a National Trust member – a fact worth knowing as EH sites are BIG RIPS!

As you can see the day was PERFECT for the castle and then we went back to Bamburgh to see the torch relay in the afternoon. Unknown to me, my boss was down the street from my location at this point, how odd!

Taken with a Nikon D3000 18-55mm and 55-200mm NikonR VR DX lens, all images taken in raw and edited on NX2.

A splash in the seaDunstanburgh castle 1Dunstanburgh castle 2Dunstanburgh castle 3Dunstanburgh castle 4The view from the top of Dunstanburgh castleDunstanburgh castle 4Calm before the torchCalm before the torch 2A torch!Before the torch


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