Lavender, deer, and Dalby

Over October Half-term holidays (school break for non-UK readers) the family Gibson went on a few days out, one was to Lavender farm in North Yorkshire, in the middle of nowhere is a farm for Lavender. As well as being able to order Lavender tea (which creates Lavender burps) you can also see their hungry deer!

A Hungry deerMairi and Bobbie at the Lavender Farm - North Yorkshire

Then we went to the awesome Dalby Forest for a nice walk with the stunningly vivid Autumn leaves.

Dalby Forest October 2012 4Dalby Forest October 2012 3Dalby Forest October 2012 2Dalby Forest October 2012

So as normal everything was shot on my Nikon D3000 with a 18-55mm or 55- 200mm lens and taken in RAW. Processed using ViewNX2.

Coming next a few shots from Illuminate York.

Much love


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