Tax (optional)


Another week another company avoiding (not evading) tax in the UK. This time it’s the Ritz, “it an’t the Ritz” but no NO it is the Ritz. But on top of Amazon, Google and the easiest one to boycott Starbucks  should we get mad at the Ritz owners or company directors that run it?

In my opinion – nope. They are a company, a highly profitable company, that can afford to have some of the best accountants and more importantly tax experts employed and as such they are paid to find loopholes in law and exploit them. It might not be pretty but it’s the cold face of business and sometimes it isn’t good when in pursuit of profit. 

So who shall we blame, HMRC? The Government? oh yes. In all of these stories and stories to come to light in the future you will see a statement from the company, and in that statement you will find words to the effect of “We have done nothing wrong and acted within UK Tax Law” – The Bastards, How dare they? Immoral swines….wait they haven’t done anything wrong have they?

Some rules are made to be broken – indeed, what happens if there isn’t any? All the government has to is to put a bill into the Lords saying lets close this loop hole, but has this happened yet? No? Hmmmm what might that mean? 

Well then what would happen if they did? The economy would slow down as some companies withdraw from the UK maybe not their branches but their head offices for sure would find a better country to call home. Can you imagine defending that in the House? “So why has the economy shrunk?” “Well Mr Speaker we closed that Tax Loophole and everyone left…” “well at least we did the right thing…”

I’m not offering a solution here all I’m saying is getting mad at a company for being a non-tax paying corporation isn’t the right thing to do, get mad at successive governments for turning a blind eye for years.


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