The top 10 android apps I used 2012

How someone uses their mobile device is a great insight into them as a person. So I thought I’d give you a top 10 apps that I use, week in week out, last year and also the app I have I wish I used more.

Play music
Google Play

Even though activation in the UK only happened towards the back-end of the year this app is used most days. It plugs a massive hole in apple vs android arguments, namely “well I can integrate my music library with my phone” well now can android users and it is quite frankly ace.

TV catch up
The oddly named app (as you can’t catch up with tv, just watch live tv, ) allows you to watch an array of digital channels from BBC 1,2 all the way to Dave and E4. It’s like having a digital tv in your phone.

Such a good way of managing your social media, you can have multiple feeds coming in and send out messages on lots of different channels – brilliant.

Camera zoom fx 
My default camera on my phone, it gives that extra bit of creativity to any Android phone. It has loads of effects, focus ranges, shoot modes the whole lot worth the money to make your phone a great performing digital camera.

Plixr Express
This is another bit of essential gear for taking photos, it’s like having a cut down photoshop in your pocket. It allows you to edit photos to great detail and make them look their best before showing the world.


Again another music playing app but one for EE customers (if you use your swapable on your contract the service is free in its mobile version). Essentially it’s Spotify but without subscription – with this offer you can’t use the desktop version but even so it’s library of music and ability to play your own playlist of music offline is great.

Sky Go
Another subscription dependent app but if you have full Sky Broadband you can watch the sky channels you pay for on the move. This comes in handy when away from home if you need to just check football scores quickly on a Saturday you can just watch score centre live. Be warned though this is only available on some devices and then only on the latest operating systems, this is getting better but Sky can be quite slow at updating.

Ratebeer for Android
You can rate your holiday, music, in fact most things in your life then why not beer? Simply find the beer you are drinking at the time (you can scan the barcode or search it;s vast database) then give the beer scores for different categories. Just be careful linking it to your social media – scanning all the beer you drink in a week might come across rather bad.

Met office
The problem with most weather apps is that they do the US rather well, then every other part of the world is an afterthought. The solution then is to use the Uk’s own weather data from the Met office. With every update this app gets better, don’t get me wrong it still has its issues but it does have a lot of data inside it, like radar predictions overlaid onto your location. Well worth a download if you’re in the UK.

Google Currentsgoogle_currents_feature
Not a festive themed app about the ingredients of a Christmas cake but a great way of collecting all the news websites you want to read into one place. I only started using this after its latest update (start of December) but it’s quickly become a great way of keeping up to date with different branches of technology news and news in general.

And a ‘and finally’ spot now –  the app I so wish i used more but …well I don’t…

Google +
This app is just awesome, everything looks lovely, it works well (although a bit process heavy), if only I had more to say. On twitter I feel I can share most things quite quickly without thinking “I hope this looks ok”, on Facebook I sometime think a bit more but those posts are more friend based. Google + I feel like the post has to be good, full of content and basically i don’t normally have time to do that.

So that’s it my tech loving mates, roll on 2013 with more apps and more development it can only get better!


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