The tale of my stolen bike (again)


“My bike was stolen” a phrase that sadly has been echoed from lips too often not to be painful now. 

The list of bikes I have owned reads more like a crime report than a list of ownership:
Raleigh BMX (carbooted?)
Raleigh activator(s) (various designs) (all stolen from my shed as a kid)
Raleigh Max 2.0 (stolen as I played football)
GT 3.0 (stolen from Pete’s Gaff)
GT 3.0 (stolen from Pete’s 2 weeks later)
Red Raleigh racer (donated to recycle, it was a bit crap)
Apollo Paradox (Stolen from work) 

So this particular incident happened at some point between Thursday morning and Friday evening. I came to collect my bike from the secure metal box that houses my bike on Friday evening to find nothing. I can’t describe that sinking feeling of finding that your bike has gone missing, knowing that you’ll never ride that bike again. 

What comforts me is that I had 3 years of good riding from the bike I affectionately called the “warhorse” due to it’s heavy frame and ability to ride through every weather (flood water, snow, ice you name it, it dealt with it only once died at -14C). It even got a farewell ride (although i didn’t know it at the time) at Sherwood Forest on a red run, which it performed well on. So North Yorkshire Police (NYP) sent an officer to my address which was nice but ultimately it’s unlikely it will ever be seen again. The officer continued to give me advice about tagging my bike but it’s not like that will stop it from being stolen. This time the bike was behind a key locked metal cage so more than anything I’d love to know how they did it!

The next stage is to see what the supplier for the insurance company will say, I bought my old bike for £200 but it’s currently listed as rrp£300 so they may give me £300 to play with, the good news is that the supplier gets the bikes cheaper than a mere moral so I may in fact get a very good replacement.

I’ll make another post regarding my replacement but nothing stops a bike thief. Treasure you’re cycle companion, if you’re me it is likely it will be stolen at some point.  



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