Lakes Holiday 2013: Day 3

Day 3 of the holiday consisted of a visit to Hill Top house which is Beatrix Potter’s main residence now owned by the National Trust, then went to the Aquarium. A visit to Fellfoot Park was next, this is a victorian park owned by the National Trust (you’ll see a theme here) and then we went swimming (not owned by the National Trust and not in the Aquarium).

Hill Top house was a great National Trust property and allowed you to go around Beatrix Potter’s farm house as if her and her husband had just popped to the shops after afternoon tea. You can see drawings and letters just lying around, it really is a magical visit if you get the chance but get there early as the car park is small and you are given a timed ticket to enter.

Next on to the Aquarium to see some fish and other animals – this was expensive but worth it. Bobbie loved it, Mairi has a picture of me and her dressed as lobsters.

Next was a visit to Fellfoot Park, this was mainly a relaxing time as Bobbie was sleeping (spark out after 3 days of nonstop fun!), we then had an icecream at the shop and headed home. The park was a great expanse of open space that headed down to Lake Windermere.

We then went for a swim, of which I have no pictures but the swimming pool was awesome and often had less than 3 families / groups of people in it. This meant it felt like a spa pool.

If you want to see what we got up to on other days click on the links:
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Check out the photos below and enjoy.

Maira and Bobbie outside Beatrix Potter's houseInside a flowerSparkle Pirania SparkleLook at this fellaWindermine from FellfootBobbie sleeping in FellfootFellfootMairi and Bobbie at FellfootWindermere 3


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