Lakes Holiday 2013: Day 4

And Day 4 approached and the weather was PERFECT, warm but not too hot and blue skies.

To that end we set out early to go to Dungeon Gill Force (waterfalls) which was a tip off from Len (my father-in-law) who recommended it. We climbed towards them at like 9am and only climbed a little of the possible full distance (see picture of hill of which I climbed oh 10% of the picture). The heat was quite intense even at that time in the morning, so we decided to descend and journey to Coniston.

Coniston (or Lake Coniston) is where the world attempt for the fastest speed achieved on water took place, it eventually killed it’s previous title holder Donald Campbell. We ventured to this place to have a spin around the lake in an all more sedate mode of transport, a steam powered boat. We did drift over the place Mr Campbell died which was odd but thankfully his body has now been removed from the lake.

If you want to see the rest of the days holiday click on the links below

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And here are the images enjoy.

Dungeon Ghyll WaterfallsUp hillDungeon Ghyll Waterfalls 2Dungeon Ghyll Waterfalls 3Lake Coniston 1Lake coniston 2Lake coniston 4Fly eye in Bobbie's eyeOn steam powered boatBluebird boat house and jettySteam powered boat coming inFront of Coniston steam powered boat


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