Iphone 5s – why you don’t care


Apple have announced the iPhone 5s will be debuted on September 10 and the world perhaps, truly, for the first time is saying “meh”. Firstly I must lay down my loyalties here, I only own one apple product my iPod classic with GBs of space to store all my music without contacting the cloud and eating up 3g data.

I really don’t get on with Apple’s style over substance approach and locked in system approach.

That being said Apple have brought forward advancements in technology like no other company, the mobile phone was for making calls before they started to develop the iPhone. Now I can order my shopping via my phone! They had the starting vision but now, from at least some quarters; they are failing to reinvent the dream.

Samsung for example have seen massive strides in their mobile devices per version compared to Apple’s fairly rigid design ethos to make the screen slightly bigger, the device slightly lighter and slightly better specs. Other manufacturers have also shied away from making what we shall call here ‘stop gap devices’ Iphone 3s, 4s and soon the iphone 5s.

Given the delay the iPhone 5s has seen many would have liked to have seen a 6 would be seen at the next launch event but that appears not to be, although a ‘watch’ could be seen… just to catch everyone off guard. This delay hasn’t gone unnoticed within Apple with the board asking the eternal “yes, but what have you done me lately?” (Tech radar article)

Samsung then look to steal the way with the much-anticipated note 3, a tablet/phone bridge at over 6 inch a compromise between owning a tablet and owning a phone some would say. It has 2 other older predecessors but as stated at the start the improvements jump at massive levels between devices:

The note 3 is set to have:
8 core processors to deal with multiple operations including split screen use.
3 GB ram
and 13 MP camera

That is more processing power than my laptop, nearly as much ram as my laptop and a camera with more pixels than my DSLR (although px isn’t everything).

Not only this but a new design language has been mentioned, a new photographic development to make a sphere of the world around you (pioneered by Google), it could have a flexible screen, and by the looks of shots a hardware design overhaul to bring it more in line with the S4.

So while the Iphone 5s might feature a finger print reader for it’s home button, Samsung will be creating the most powerful mobile device the world has ever seen. Is it any wonder the tech world is a bit more interested in Samsung at the moment.


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