Google plus and why you should be using it

google +Google what?

Google Plus (Google +) is Google’s punt at being ‘social’ and oh are they serious about it. Google have an awful lot ridding on this and are constantly looking at making it better.

But why have they bothered?

Social media is increasingly becoming a more integral part of the SEO mix. Below is a recently published MOZ image showing ranking factors as they see them. As we can see social media has a nice slice of the pie here and it is in fact larger than you may have first thought (it’s the dark navy one for those who prefer not to open the image fully).


What does this mean?

Well along with everything else in an SEO mix, Google is watching what you do (or your company does) on social media. But which social media platform will Google listen to most? Yeah that thing that Google has plunged lots of money and time into; Google +.

So what to do?

Well get using Google +, it really is a great platform once you get into it, use the communities, comment and +1 at will. This post is a great guide on what to do on Google+ 29 tips for Google +

Until next time…


2 thoughts on “Google plus and why you should be using it

    • Yeah it is – it’s equally frustrating as I think it’s a lot better than fb at the moment.

      In a work environment it’s great for improving authority of domains etc as Google (I think) rewards you for using it within search algorithm.

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