The Gibson tour part 1 (Portsmouth)

The Gibson family went a sort of UK to see family and friends south and west of York (Portsmouth and Congleton), so it made sense to separate these two groups of photos by location.

So in Portsmouth we stayed with Mairi’s Aunt (Olive) and had a jolly good time in the southern sun. Some pictures do need a commentary so do click them and you’ll see extra info.


At Olive's 3At Olive's 2At Olive's 1Bobbie in a Peppa Pig rocket 2Bobbie in a Peppa Pig rocket 1Bobbie after a big sleep in the sunBobbie in PortsmouthStatue in Portsmouth 2Statue in Portsmouth 1Being stalked by Crispy Cream stores on holiday...The portsmouth cannonBobbie at Portsmouth HarbourSpinnaker towerMy grandparents, Bobbie Mairi and me!A flower in Olive's GardenBobbie in Olive's Garden 2Bobbie in Olive's GardenMairi and the pier


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