A camera on my head

It’s 2014 and with my Christmas money I purchased a head mountable camera for my cycle to and from work.

I know it’s quite a boring trip and it’s only 2.25 miles each way, I’m not looking for making some sort of blair witch project video – there were two reason for recording my cycling trips.

1. I was involved in an RTA (road traffic accident for those who don’t watch medical shows) a few years back I was taken out by a car turning left into a posh school in York. The guy was very apologetic and I was quite apologetic about how much I’d totalled the guys car and I’m not one for compensation claims for no reason. I was fine, so I shook his hand and was on my way.

It did get me thinking though, if he’d kicked off and said I was not paying attention or something or other then it’s my word against his, I’d have nothing to go on. Or if I’m involved in a hit and run or worse it’s a way of recording who did what and when. So in a nut shell it’s in case I crash or i’m crashed into and I have some sort of way recording of events.

2.   Despite it being only 2.25 miles in distance I see some crazy stuff, cars doing odd things, people doing odd things, the oddness never stops on my rides so it will fun to record that.

After nearly a month of having the cam I have recorded a few fun things and put them on my Youtube channel but I’ve also put them down below this. One video is left out which includes a bus company which I’ve given them a fair time to respond to my concerns before publishing the video – it isn’t too bad, just nearly hit me and causes me to avoid the bus coming into my right of way.

I’m sure there will be more videos in the future but for now we have these two.


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