Real Racer 3 – an addiction of a game


I’m Roy Gibson and I’ve played Real Racer 3 for 32 hours and 22 minutes completing 227 events and I’ve completed 13% of the game… Thirteen percent!

The premise is simple, race in events earn currency to buy better cars and better upgrades, the execution of this simplicity is mind blowing.  Real world cars from the most serious car manufacturers around are the toast of the day from Ford to the super cars of Bugatti and the like, each car behaves differently to the other and if you jump from a BMW into a McLearn you certainly notice the difference.  But the differences aren’t just between normal car vs super car, jump from a BMW to a Nissan 350 you will notice the change in handling and grip between the two.

The graphics are in a another world looking like something between a ps2 or ps3 – and to have that on a phone is incredible.

Then there is the tracks, not made up places, oh no no no. Brands Hatch, Silverstone, and even the glory of  Spa.

We also have fun features
– Cloud based saving which means if you phone is destroyed or you want to play on multi devices then you can do and what ever device you play it on your progress will be up-to-date.
– Social media interaction – login via Facebook and any of your friends that are playing will be able to challenge your time sin events which leads to some very heated exchanges of people you barley know shaving 0.2 seconds off your time.

And finally the depth of gameplay – I’ve only played 13% in 32 hours – and this level of entertainment is free, honestly this is one of the best games EA has produced. It does, like most mobile games, drain your battery so manage the inevitable addiction with the need to communicate with the outside world but other than that Solid Gold gaming.

If you like the sound of it download RR3 from google play here Press this bit


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