How to make enemies and not listen to the FIA

So we have a mini Fuelgate after the first F1 race of the season, there are lots I could talk about but I’m going to focus on Fuelgate. Firstly read this – it’s the FIAs viewpoint on why they had to disqualify Ricciardo.

So I’m quite active on a few F1 posts on Google+ and a few things come out there are people who think the FIA should back off and stop being so obsessed with so many rules. Then you have some people who think the FIA is right to create rules, and even further some think the FIA should have rules and wonder what else Red Bull Racing could have got away with.

I’m in the middle camp, these rules are here for a reason, I can’t quite work out how Red Bull thought this would work, there are a few ways they could have thought about but all are flawed…

1. They thought it would be harder to disqualify him on his home debut for the team getting p2 – The FIA aren’t sentimental old souls if you’ve broke the rules they won’t care if you did it for Grandma ‘x-factor’ style

2. They thought they would be able to argue the toss – The Fia are notoriously black and white on most matters, the two things they seem to ask is “Did you do something wrong?” and “Did you mean to do it?”. A classic example was in this very race where Kob crashed into Massa, at first it seemed that he was just too hot (‘fast’ for non F1 readers) and didn’t press the other pedal quick enough to slow down. A greater look at the data showed a mechanical fault which was sufficient enough for the FIA  to no punish Kob.

3. They thought it was a suggestion – It was an instruction to be followed not a friendly suggestion from the governing body of the sport. Imagine if the FA issued a request to a football club it would be completed so quick your head would spin.

To explain what happened into a situation we might be able to better understand I found this example and re-used it.

This is much like someone having a broken speedo in a car then making your own and telling the officer who recorded you travelling at 80mph you were driving at 60mph according to your speedo.

So rather than trying to work with the FIA they ignored them 3 times, then they tried to say “oh we measured it and it was fine”! I’m not surprised the FIA disqualified Ricciardo – if only to slap RBR on the wrist for being so bolshy.

Roll on Race 2!


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