More camera fun

Hi followers and people that know me…and randoms.

So as some of you will know I cycle with a camera on my head, more than anything, it’s so I have proof if anything goes wrong. But I do also video everything else and so thought I’d update you on what I’ve caught.

I did have a dealing with a bus company but that was dealt with quite well (not perfectly) but matters were resolved to my liking so I’m not publishing those videos.

I did meet a Cop – who was very nice so I uploaded that to counteract the negative cop videos on Youtube.

I found a car whose driver paused and then set up (slowly) causing me to slow down and essentially cutting me up.

And then this one – Now I’m no expert but railway crossings aren’t suppose to open, then less than 2 seconds decide to close again. I told Network Rail to look into it via twitter.

So yeah there we go, helmet cam fun – do subscribe to me on Youtube here –



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