X rated music videos and the Children

While reading Q magazine this month (issue 340) I came across an article by Eamonn Forde discussing the soon to be introduced age rating on music videos.

His argument that went along the lines that this is the first measure of a slippery slope of the government saying “you can’t sing those lyrics” which of course is a road no artist wants to go down however I think the ‘powers that be’ have a bit of a point.

I have a 3 year old daughter and I attempt to show her music videos on TV and so often a massive number of channels are skipped through because the content of the video just isn’t suitable for a child to watch. Now I’m not expecting mtv to be cbeebies in the day but bar some highly censored videos you can see things that would make BBC 2 blush during the day.

And this is an issue, so often the most suitable channels are kerrang, scuzz and mtv2 because so often those genres of music are more concerned with how the instruments are played not getting some hot guys or girls in that make up for a lack of content or to follow the mantra of the song.

So what to do?
It’s alright moaning but what should be done? Well why don’t we have the same rules for soaps and television applied to music videos then after 9pm you can show Robin being a creepy man.

Essentially if Emmerdale wouldn’t put it on at 7:30pm then mtv can’t put it on at 8 am.

(I’ve published this on my phone as laptop is out of action for the moment so if it looks crap…that might be why)


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