My 7 inch

What do you mean misleading title?

When I was reorganising my 7 inch vinyl collection I realised what a stunning collection of records I’ve collected over the years, so here are some of those images and a little description for each…


This is the amazing The Twilight Sad with the emotional song The Room. I got this last time I saw them live and had a wee chat with their drummer and discussed the merits of the song, turns out it his favourite too. The expanded audio depth on vinyl is generally something else but when you put that to a band like TTS then it goes beyond that… It’s an experience.


On the rare occasions I get to Leeds I almost always go to Crash records and filter through their 7 inch collection. On one of those days I found this, it was swiftly purchased… “Here we go with Leeds United…”

Electric Light Orchestra with Mr Blue Sky 7 inch on Blue Vinyl… Need I say more.



65daysofstatic made a limited run of vinyl so to make sure I got at least one I purchased one from Crash records but I also somehow got another. This second copy fell into the first 1500 which each have a unique polaroid to them. I have also kept the branded paper bag like a GEEK.


My limited edition Death Cab For Cutie vinyl – expensive finds but worth it.


Ah the Duke (Duke Special) a little treasure this is, hmv can be useful sometimes!


Hot Club De Paris were always a delight to watch live as they would start gigs with a gorgeous acapella number which would make you take notice if they happen to be the support band.


And finally from the quite stunning Pontefract music scene in my high school and college days The Machines Will Take Over. Of all the bands around at the time I think I enjoyed their music the most, they seemed to have ambition and quality musicianship throughout. This was underlined when most bands struggled to get studio time these guys made 7 inch vinyl.

This is not by any stretch an expensive list of the collection but a few highlights. Hope you enjoyed this little post, more posts soon – I’ve just been a bit busy being a dad.


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