Tsk men – a small response to Jessica Valenti

Men who have been taught to believe by pop culture, advertising and beyond that women’s bodies are there for them. And if they have to see a woman that is anything other than thin, hairless and ready for sex – well, bring out the smelling salts.

Having a fair amount of female mates and living in a house full of women (and little women) I’m more than aware of the world and it’s view of women in it. Which is why I tend to lean a feminist way, in the sense I don’t feel gender should matter in many senses.

I do despise the phases “oh you’re a girl, you won’t like that” said to my train, racing car, craft loving daughter. In the same way I don’t like “oh it’s fashion he won’t know anything about that”. Errr excuse me, I might not be constantly on point but I know a fair amount thanks!

So when anyone says “Men…” my ears perk up (or in this case my eyes… Open?), in this particular piece by Jessica Valenti in the Guardian comment is free section, I was almost offended (I only say almost as I’m a calm fellow). Frequently she remarks and makes the assumptions that Men are some singular minded entity being subjected to Western media and unable to think out of the realms of the media given to us.

I truly hope that women and men can co-exist on a level playing field but making sweeping generalisation about how we must think and feel is only a cannon ball into wall when many are trying to build a park with flowers, arranged by a man?!? Never!


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