I know what you did last summer…

Such is my life I haven’t blogged on this for bloody AGES. Truth is loads of stuff has happened and probably too much to go into great detail. What I did want to share is my May Family Holiday to Scotland.

We went into a Crannog, visited a Red Dear farm, went and walks and had a great time.

Click a photo and see it bigger…

Man swimming across a lochCrannog 2Crannog 1Amelie is in a stick house!Pitlochry secret trainPitlochry Dam 4Pitlochry Dam 3Pitlochry Dam 2Pitlochry DamSoldiers leapThe crazy kidsBobbie walkingAmelie wakingKilliecrankie 2KilliecrankieAwesome tea 2Awesome tea 1Bobbie reading a receiptHunting puddlesHunting puddlesThe river outside our lodgeMairi hood upBobbieMairiAmelie thought she saw a GrufalloFamily walk 2Family walkBarn owl 2Barn owl 1Red dear toungeRed dear did you get my good sideThe Bobbie pose at Red Dear farmAmelie in another house 3Amelie in another house 2Amelie in another houseThe family and a giant deerAmelie happyMummy and Bobbie


Bobbie’s Birthday Day Out

The pride, the absolute pure pride that when given the choice of what to do on a day out for her Birthday my daughter chose going to a heritage railway and riding on a heritage bus. She’s 5…what an absolute star.

We went to the railway where her name comes from “Roberta” from the Railway Children which is based on the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway .

Here are some lovely pictures of the day and Len and Lynda (the inlwas) came too and we had a picnic at the park. Why is there no photos of that I hear you gasp…try having a picnic in a park with a 5 year old and 1 1/2 year old and you’ll understand why.

The ball is a ball of 2ps made to look like the Death Star…random. It had a bike inside it…art.

Number 85 lampA little tank2ps joined2ps joined 2The Death Star of coinsBobbie at KWVR 4Bobbie at KWVR 3Bobbie at KWVR 2Bobbie at KWVRGrandma and Amelie 2Grandma and AmelieSteam in reverse

Bobbie’s 5th Birthday

I own a 5 year old

I actually have responsibility over the care and life of a 5 year old … She was 5 on the 1st of August on the 5th she had a party at Wacky Warehouse and had a great time with all her friends.

I took photos, Bobbie has such a funny face and great expressions I do adore taking pictures of her.

My favorite picture is Bobbie blowing candles out with juice and jelly in shot…I mean if that doesn’t say kids party what does?

Bobbie and a card 2Bobbie and a cardBobbie and her ice faceNana and Amelie 2Nana and AmelieBobbie in the middle with youAmelie eatingBobbies mates 4Bobbies mates 3Bobbies mates 2Bobbie's mates 1Bobbie and "Wendy"Bobbie and cakeBobbie dancing

The Gibson tour part 1 (Portsmouth)

The Gibson family went a sort of UK to see family and friends south and west of York (Portsmouth and Congleton), so it made sense to separate these two groups of photos by location.

So in Portsmouth we stayed with Mairi’s Aunt (Olive) and had a jolly good time in the southern sun. Some pictures do need a commentary so do click them and you’ll see extra info.


At Olive's 3At Olive's 2At Olive's 1Bobbie in a Peppa Pig rocket 2Bobbie in a Peppa Pig rocket 1Bobbie after a big sleep in the sunBobbie in PortsmouthStatue in Portsmouth 2Statue in Portsmouth 1Being stalked by Crispy Cream stores on holiday...The portsmouth cannonBobbie at Portsmouth HarbourSpinnaker towerMy grandparents, Bobbie Mairi and me!A flower in Olive's GardenBobbie in Olive's Garden 2Bobbie in Olive's GardenMairi and the pier

Roberta is Baptised

Well hello blog reading people.

Sorry for the lack of posts it has just been a very busy month but as I said in my last post I have lots of image posts coming up. The first of those is my daughters baptism. The photos were taken in the great (and cheap) Heworth Golf Club so enjoy the family photo fest.

Next up with be Martin and Ali’s wedding (you can see them in the last photo) and that will include perhaps the greatest shot I have ever taken! Oh the suspense…

(As always all photos are taken with a Nikon D3000 with a mixture of 18-55mm and 55mm-200m VR Nikon lens edited with Photoshop 7)

Bobbie and NaomiRowan and his pintEmi and foodHazel can see cakeA big smile from BobbieSue and BobbieThe 'on-stage' gangTaylor familyGibson and BrownsGibson and BrownNan and GranddaughterBaptism CakeMartin with BobbieEmi and the grassThe couple to be

Who want’s to see the cute baby?

“Give the people what they want”

Famously a Kinks album but also a line from James Bond as well as other attributed sources. What I take from it is that many people have asked when new photos of Bobbie / Roberta will be appearing, the answer is now.. enjoy.

(Normal notes apply, click on an image to see more details. They were taken by my normal Nikon D3000 and my new Samsung S2 phone/computer/camera edited on Photoshop7 and Nikon NX2 other than a few of the mobile photos which were shot using the excellent vignette app on my phone.

Roberta with MumRoberta lookingRoberta (a bit sleepy) with mumRoberta with Mum looking behind meRoberta being held by Grandma GibsonBlowing raspberryWrapped up in a coatIn dads armsMummy reading a storyI'm not looking at you...Baby Bobbie

Being a dad – 8 weeks in

Being a dad… well its a challenge so I thought I’d note down a few thoughts on it from 8 weeks in.

Free time
What is this free time you speak of? Before we had Roberta to look after we had lots of fee time to go where we liked and do what we liked as a couple. Once you’re a dad that almost goes out of the window, I say almost as I think if you weren’t careful it would just get eaten up by tasks but a few things have remained thanks to organisation and an understanding wife. The key to that is sharing the caring for Roberta between me and Mairi, which in the first few weeks is hard but as time goes on you can both do a bit so it becomes easier.

Is my child quite clever?
This is one of the stereotypical lines from new parents, ‘x is just quite intelligent’, ‘ it’s just the way x plays he/she just seems so clever’. In most cases it will not be true, otherwise the world would be full of quite advanced babies which would just make that the norm thus making lots of normal babies! But Roberta does seem to focus on things and be able to hit them from 6 weeks, she has been able to flip her self over since 6 days old, and has had really good sleep patterns from day 1. In fact the most impressive thing is that if she is not in her PJ’s by 8:30pm we are told by a loud scream, I kid you not!

So this ‘being a dad’ lark is tiring, very rewarding and to be truly honest I can not imagine not having Roberta around. On the back of Steve Hobson’s suggestion I took some more photos of Roberta, these are from 6 weeks so she a bit more weight on her now. Enjoy

Roberta's Favorite play matHappy girlDaddy's fingerLook at youRoberta at play

The first 2 weeks of life

Well as most you will now know I’m a dad to a beautiful baby daughter, Roberta Holly Gibson. Here are my thoughts on becoming a dad thus far…


We aren’t doing too bad on this front at the moment, she gets her head down around 2am in the morning and then sleeps until 7ish has a small feed and then sleeps until 11am. Not sure how long this will last and we did have a 3 day long kink in the pattern but we are now back int he swing of things. Now we have had a few people ask us “HOW have you done that?” truth is we don’t know, she just did it on the first night she was home and we kept it up the best we could.


Don’t worry won’t go into this side of things too much, lets just say it was a bit hard at first then both mum and baby got the hang of it and now it’s relatively simple and without too many tears.


There is no question that to me and Mairi, Roberta is the cutest baby ever; we flipping love her! Mairi’s favorite thing about Roberta so far is that Roberta seems to love us back. My favorite thing is that she makes funny faces throughout the day.

Activities and toys

Favorites are the jungle gym from work and Jonathan Bunny who is a bunny head and then his body is a towel – odd to us grownups but a great companion to a growing girl!

Here are the photos I took over the 2 weeks I have been at home with Roberta. Most of that time was taken up by changing nappies, helping with getting her to sleep and helping out around the house. In between all those jobs and more I took a few images some from birth and some at home, as ever just click on one to learn more.

Baby Roberta (3)Baby Roberta (2)Baby Roberta Mummy with Roberta about 30 minutes after the birthThe tiniest name badge ever! Daddy with daughter about 1 hour birth.Sleep time...Granddad Gibson with RobertaNana and Granddad Gibson with Roberta 3Nana and Granddad Gibson with Roberta 2Nana and Granddad Gibson with Roberta Roberta in her new Jungle Gym 1Roberta in her new Jungle Gym 2Roberta in her new Jungle Gym 3Roberta in her new Jungle Gym 4Roberta in her new Jungle Gym 5