£100 from a complete stranger

Great North Run

I'm running this!

So as you may (or may not) know I’m running the Great North Run in September which isn’t too far away at all now and I’ve started making a good effort to raise money for my run for CF and on Saturday had £42 in the bank… at least that was until Saturday mid morning.

For anyone who hasn’t used Just Giving it’s rather simple if you’re raising money for a cause you just set up that account, link to your charity and begin collecting and Just Giving handle all the bank details and you just watch the total rise.

So I was thinking to myself ‘£42 is ok but I’m aiming for £700, I still haven’t told my work or my church yet so it’s not bad’, all in all I wasn’t too worried. Then I received an email, ‘ someone has made a donation’ which the normal notification I get when someone makes a donation, I take a look and my total is no longer £42 but now £142… my eyes nearly exploded… it was like I’d won the lottery (which I never play). Someone I may or may not know, chose to give a cause I’m running for, not only that but £100 – just like that!

I am still now in total disbelief and in humble gratitude to my mystery benefactor, so if your reading this it was such a great thing you did – thanks so much. And thank you to all of those people who have donated so far, it means a lot to have so much support behind me.

As for training it is going well and I should be up to 20K running distance roughly 2 weeks before the race. I’m currently running at my normal pace which is 10kph but I do have a rather hilly training route which is all street so I may run a tad faster on the day.

Currently running music is:
Postal service – Give Up
Fourtet – There is Love in you
and for the final 5K…
65daysofstatic – We Were Exploding Anyway

Thanks for the support everyone and if you thinking of donating there is a link at the top corner of this blog (or if you’re on Google reader click here http://www.justgiving.com/Roy-GibsonCF)  on there is my X-Factor sob story on why I’m running for CF Trust.