My 7 inch

What do you mean misleading title?

When I was reorganising my 7 inch vinyl collection I realised what a stunning collection of records I’ve collected over the years, so here are some of those images and a little description for each…


This is the amazing The Twilight Sad with the emotional song The Room. I got this last time I saw them live and had a wee chat with their drummer and discussed the merits of the song, turns out it his favourite too. The expanded audio depth on vinyl is generally something else but when you put that to a band like TTS then it goes beyond that… It’s an experience.


On the rare occasions I get to Leeds I almost always go to Crash records and filter through their 7 inch collection. On one of those days I found this, it was swiftly purchased… “Here we go with Leeds United…”

Electric Light Orchestra with Mr Blue Sky 7 inch on Blue Vinyl… Need I say more.



65daysofstatic made a limited run of vinyl so to make sure I got at least one I purchased one from Crash records but I also somehow got another. This second copy fell into the first 1500 which each have a unique polaroid to them. I have also kept the branded paper bag like a GEEK.


My limited edition Death Cab For Cutie vinyl – expensive finds but worth it.


Ah the Duke (Duke Special) a little treasure this is, hmv can be useful sometimes!


Hot Club De Paris were always a delight to watch live as they would start gigs with a gorgeous acapella number which would make you take notice if they happen to be the support band.


And finally from the quite stunning Pontefract music scene in my high school and college days The Machines Will Take Over. Of all the bands around at the time I think I enjoyed their music the most, they seemed to have ambition and quality musicianship throughout. This was underlined when most bands struggled to get studio time these guys made 7 inch vinyl.

This is not by any stretch an expensive list of the collection but a few highlights. Hope you enjoyed this little post, more posts soon – I’ve just been a bit busy being a dad.


If I was in Q magazine…

A sad little fantasy of mine has been to appear in the pages of Q magazine. I have a subscription and read mostly the whole magazine each month, I’m a little behind at the moment currently reading last month’s issue. In this issue Graham Coxon was interviewed talking about his musical influences, so I had an idea, I’ll ask my self the same questions!

Hello how’s your day been?
Quite good, I’ve got a lot done and really had an enjoyable day. I put my daughter to bed tonight which I don’t normally do too often so that was nice.

What was the first album you ever bought?
That would have probably been a Michael Jackson tape… Dangerous or Bad I think… I’m really unsure of his personal life but musically he is just brilliant and even at a young age I knew that.

What was the first gig you saw?
My parents from a young age used to take me to pubs in Castleford and we would watch bands on a Friday and Saturday night. One band (deep blue maybe…) had a talented drummer who would play most gigs with his eyes shut, at the time I thought this was stunning, I now know this is easy to pull off. The first big gig was again Jacko at Sheffield Don Valley (might had been obsessed…slightly)

What album made you want to write music?
Peter lent me OK Computer, enough said really. The album blew my mind apart, so many levels, so atmospheric and still is to this day. I knew I needed to make music with other people, if only to cover Radiohead!

Have you ever bought a record on the strength of the album cover?
Yes only once, Massive Attack’s 100th windows. I found it in FOPP in Manchester and picked it up for £3, £3! It was a stunning gatefold vinyl and thought I can’t go wrong with Massive Attack. I was right it is pretty good.

What do you listen to in the car?
It changes often, also I can plug the iPod into my car so that opens most of my music collection up for use. Somehow Take That also seem to be present but also some decent electronica or instrumental music isn’t far away.

Is there a classic album that does nothing for you?
Bon Jovi – it’s just nothing to me (sorry Gemma if you are reading!) its just non-impactful to me, I just think ‘stick some ACDC on and everything will be better’.

What album do you never tire of hearing?
Oh anything by my musical hero’s 65daysofstatic – ever album is a work of beautifulness. Even EP’s of tracks that didn’t make albums would be any other bands peak of output but this is 65 cutting room! Every album is just brilliant and never tires.

What was the last record to inspire you?
I think possibly the last Beastie Boys record – So good, some of the rhythms used are hard, raw and uncompromising. When I listen I think ‘I’d like to play this live’.

What do you want played at your funeral?
The song that comes to mind is Jimmy Eat World’s May Angeles Lead You In but also Sufran Stevens Predatory Wasp, it wouldn’t be totally true to my life but it’s one of the most beautiful songs ever written.

The distant mechanised glow of European mobile technology

While looking through some old image files I found these gems and they have been getting a little attention on my flickr account so I thought I’d post some more about them and how they were took. The subject matter is important here; the greatest working British band, 65daysofstatic. The location is also a key aspect here; Dry Bar, Manchester 2005 – I was given access to In The City 05 in Manchester which is a showcase for unsigned and up and coming bands on indie labels. 65 were on the bill to play the basement of the Dry Bar, it was so small Joe had to play guitar in the crowd narrowly sparing my manhood with his headstock as he violently played through the set.

So what brought me to the Dry bar basement watching 65? I was sent to one of their gigs and ask to review their live set despite me having full blown flu in 2004/5 my face turned to stun… everything was just stunning. I’ve since had the pleasure of interviewing them, seeing them live countless times and being stupidly proud when they achieve another milestone, it is a joy to share these memories and images with other people so click on the below images and enjoy. 65XHC

65 In The City Manc 05 dry bar 165 @ cockpit summer09 3 - Copy65 In The City Manc 05 dry bar 365 at Manchester Academy 65 at Manchester Academy 265 In The City Manc 05 dry bar65 In The City Manc 05 dry bar 965 In The City Manc 05 dry bar (7)65 In The City Manc 05 dry bar 665 In The City Manc 05 dry bar 565 In The City Manc 05 dry bar 465 In The City Manc 05 dry bar (2)65 In The City Manc 05 dry bar (17)65 In The City Manc 05 dry bar (16)65 In The City Manc 05 dry bar 1565 In The City Manc 05 dry bar (14)65 In The City Manc 05 dry bar 1565 In The City Manc 05 dry bar (10)65 days of static in a music shop

Something old, Something new, Something borrowed and Something blue.

(yes, camera phone – no, not by choice) 65 days of static @Leeds cockpit 2009

So as I’m currently going through lots of editing of images at the moment (took over 600 over a 10 day period), I thought I’d go back to my first love and the spring-board for many things in my life; music journalism.

So the idea to do this blog post came from some place but I can’t for the life of me remember where, so if you did come up with something like this I’m sooo sorry. The idea is to write about 4 records/lp’s/cd’s what ever that have influenced you in some way under the banner of old, new, borrowed and blue thus confirming your marriage to music!

So here we go…


For this I discounted anything in my CD collection, yes I have old albums re-released on CD but I wanted to describe not only the sound but something that is on that amazing format: vinyl, something that goes beyond sound and is an atmosphere in it’s own right.  And so it falls to my original 1973 Virgin records released(virgin records first record in fact) Mike Oldfield – Tubular Bells.

This album was ground breaking in so many ways, progressive and rock in nature before anyone had coined the phase ‘progressive rock’ it went to number 1 in basically every country that had record players.  Making Mike a millionaire at the age of 21, the fame of TB hit him hard and he became a recluse living how he described a near medieval life in his massive house refusing to talk to most people for 3 years. His inability to handle his own fame came as a shock to most but didn’t take away from the album’s brilliance and the world accepted his masterpiece that took him 3 solid years to compose. TB became one of the all time best ever albums also opened the doors for so many acts to walk through.

When I personally think of this record I just think of the mind behind it, a man who came up with the whole concept of a ground-breaking album, then played every instrument on it and then sung it! The man is a genius and is sadly now underrated by many as ‘too progressive’ and they turn their nose up at him.  I don’t, I listen and love.


Quite the opposite to the above and I bring my trusted Ipod in to tell the tale, so I click on top the top 25 most played songs, it tells a tale that people who know my musical taste will already know, one band populates the list more than most, the mighty 65daysofstatic. A band that influence me most days, they are just so good, it is a privilege to know their work, to have met them once, to have held a monitor in place for them, to have moved my groin to avoid Joe from the band hitting it with his guitar. So my choice for new record is 65daysofstatic 4th album but first on hassle records – We Were Exploding Anyway.

This record 65 take it to a new level, I have to be honest when I heard a few tracks I was a bit, “oh dear it has gone too far to the electronic side of their genre”. But then I saw them play the album as part of Live@Leeds festival, and then it all made sense for me. The double layered drums the immense amount of layers and sheer power of the music produced moved them in my eyes from the band I had found to the band that everyone deserves to know. This album is just plain brilliant no other words can describe it for me, and played live it is simply breath taking.


The album for borrowed is Jimmy Eat World’s Clarity. An album that holds a lot of my favourite songs, it was a mini disc (remember them?) from a live show at Nottingham, Rock City broadcast on Radio 1. I listened to that disc on repeat for weeks and months. That live performance was laced with passion, emotion, heart, and it had point references for me at that time. As I have grown the songs have grown with me and I’ve come to find new meaning in them, I guess as I have grown and experienced pain, experienced love, experienced loss all subjects covered in this album, the songs have described these feelings in more depth than I could ever put to them.

The stand out track for me is For Me This is Heaven and not only because the drum beat plays in a different time signature than the melodies which in my 6th form years seemed like magic, but because it is one of the greatest love songs ever written. It is just an amazingly crafted song and one that well forever speak to me. But like many albums I have a great fondness each song on this album is ‘single worthy’ it could stand alone and be great, the glory comes when JEW came out this masterpiece in modern rock in 1999 years before the ‘kids’ got into ’emo’.

So why don’t I own it? Well my good friend has always owned it and having lived with him for awhile I just played it when I wanted, but now I have borrowed it and put it on my i-tunes forever.


And finally on to blue, it’s rare to find a whole album that is blue but being that sort of boy I have a fair few contenders, rather than going for a perfectly crafted mainstream record that everyone reading this (all 3 of you) will think “oh yea that one” I have gone for a little known album. This album is sonically amazing, I have only met a few people who have this record and all agree it is a work of art. My blue album goes to to The Cinematic Underground – Annasthesia. This album is described as a film within a CD for a very good reason, when you listen to the album it narrates a story to you of a man on the verge of losing his girl and the confusion, mis-direction and hopelessness of missing her with the drama and closeness to trying to find her.

The album features sounds or randomness which will randomly become jazz influenced beats layered with speech that can’t be made out, you do feel like your transported into another world or in a dream. One of these little interludes I managed to create once with a few baked bean tins while working at asda, but that doesn’t take away from the all round brilliance of this record. And live… my goodness it gets better, the lead singer is in character the whole time and they play the album from track 1 to the end so they tell the story live, it is just plain inspiring, you get drawn in to their world and although it is a blue and largely sad one it is still a great place to be taken.

And so ends this blog post, hope you enjoyed it – I enjoyed writing it and don’t worry the pictures will be back soon I’m currently working on a dear friend’s wedding and I’m about half way through, so pretty dress’s and cake is but a post away, thanks for reading.

Video killed no one and made everything better

Hi All,

Been wanting to do this for a while – one of my favourite websites of maybe all time is Vimeo. This site hosts incredible high res videos of all sorts of art projects, music videos and documentaries. So without further a do here are few of my favourite and why… sorry for no embedding wordpress is not a fan of Vimeo.


The Sandpit from Sam O’Hare on Vimeo.
This video is just so good, I won’t even attempt to explain how its done but Sam has made everything look like they are models! CRAZY stuff people, crazy.


Sigur Ros – Við spilum endalaust – A Take Away Show from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.
So now we see Sigur Ros playing a small French cafe. That’s right one the greatest and most atmospheric bands playing a cafe, which is sort of like U2 playing a social club. This video shows a massive band stripped to their bones and they are still good.


65injapan from 65daysofstatic on Vimeo.
My favourite band on tour in Japan. This was a while ago but it reminds me of being on ‘tour’ with She’s Not Dead and how great it was, we didn’t go to Japan but we had a lot of fun and I think this strikes a cord with me because of that.


ACDC Vs Iron Man 2 – Architectural Projection Mapping on Rochester Castle from seeper on Vimeo.
This video shows how high powered lens and projectors can be the coolest things ever. And so another great band AC DC get projected on to a castle its only fitting really.


Memory One from Bill on Vimeo.
This video is great, it is like being in a dream. Everything featured seems like the biggest deal and everything is given special care like you are only focusing on one thing at any time.


Work from Michael Rianda on Vimeo.
This last video is just made with such love, care and humour it made me laugh and cry at the same time PURE BRILLIANCE.

So there you go, my favourite videos so far but seriously check this website out it is great, maybe even get involved and make vids yourself.

Much Love