Illuminate York 2016

It’s that time of year (2 months late) where I take out the camera gear and take advantage of some brilliant lighting installations that York put’s on as part of illuminate York.

If you read this blog you’ll know this comes around each year and I’m a kid in a sweet shop, using all sorts of camera tricks to really capture the experience of the installations.

I have to say I struggled a bit this year, the first part is my fault on the night I said I’d go take photos. I was delayed by about an hour so didn’t have loads of time to devote to the night. This meant I didn’t take my normal glut of photos, but hey I’m a dad of 2 and getting free time is a challenge.

The second issue is…it just didn’t seem as much as an event this year, admittedly I didn’t go to the paid Minster light show but in previous years avoiding the paid for part wasn’t so much of a pain, this year it was. Some installations were nothing short of lights against buildings…we’ve come along way from that and we deserve better.

The third issue was the toy/mech re-sellers. Me and Pete met outsider the Minster, at which point 9 (NINE!) hawkers were congregating selling flashy light wears. The problem with selling these at a light festival where people attempt to take stunning images is that that amount of rapid flashing green and pink light actually impacts the image. As it was this was only an issue in this location and and installation wasn’t good enough to be captured but my goodness it was just too much.

The fourth little thing was the tidiness of it all, take a look at the roman walls with the cross on. Try as I might, without significant editing I can’t hide those light sources, all it needs is a black cover but it didn’t get that and so I left it untouched to show you what I meant…anyway enjoy the trains and look forward to next year!

The railway museum provided a great platform yet again (no pun).

Illuminate York 2016 - Duchess of HamiltonIlluminate York 2016 - NRM Warehouse warp driveIlluminate York 2016 - Cross on wallIlluminate York 2016 - Steam under bridgeIlluminate York 2016 - The DuchessIlluminate York 2016 - EurostarIlluminate York 2016 - Mallard


Wife Birthday – Gentry Morris Gig

It was my wife’s birthday in June and before then a favorite singer-songwriter was playing live near us at a venue I had not heard of (All Hallows Leeds and there gig listing). So like an excited child in a sweet shop I showed my wife pointing and jumping up and down at the flyer on Facebook, she accepted this was a brilliant idea so we found a baby sitter  (cheers Victoria!) and booked the tickets.

Not knowing what to expect we arrived and went into a community church building and took our seat with 20-30 others around tables. This shocked us as in our head Gentry is a stunning talent and this was an intimate gig for sure.

So already it had panned out to be a great birthday present for my wife, and the gig itself was great and such an intimate experience that we are thinking of taking our whole house group to another night by All Hallows.The icing on top of the cake was when the compare said…

“It’s a pay what you want real ale bar tonight”

Not that I abused the system but how trusting, kind and awesome is that, flipping love Christian ethos venues.

Anyway if you don’t know Gentry check out his site and music here : and go see him live if you can, think Damien Rice with better song writing, he also has one of the most gorgeous love songs ever (Love is Alive). Cavill supported him and they were also very good.

As normal these images are taken by my Nikon D3000 with a Nikon 50mm-200mm and edited on Photoshop7

Gentry Morris 2Gentry Morris 1Gentry Morris 3Gentry Morris 4Cavill 1Cavill 2Cavill 3Cavill 4

On my Birthday we went to Yorkshire Sculpture Park

So on Wednesday (7/3) it was my birthday and for the first time in my working life I took it as a day off! I was then asked what I wanted to do, I took ages to choose which will surprise anyone who knows me, but eventually settled on the Yorkshire Sculpture Park (YSP).

I’ve been before and you can see my blog post on that visit here, but let’s focus on the here and now…

So the whole day actually included a major day out at Meadowhall but I didn’t take any pictures of it as it was mainly shops and a restaurant. So after the shopping trip we had about an hour and a half to play with at YSP and, as ever, it didn’t disappoint.

Although clearly doing some maintenance work at the time it was still a good visit all the same.

Featured artists in the following images are:
Sophie Ryder – Rabbits / Bunny people
Sui Jianguo – 2 two suits
Henry Moore – Bronze sculpture oddness
Ursula von Rydingsvard – crystal looking den house
Magdalena Abakanowicz – Rust metal sculpture

And I’m afraid I don’t know the other artists

So enjoy and let me know what you think of my photographs… also features my very beautiful daughter looking all cute.

A future dogA sculpture through a sculpture Bobbie looking at meBobbie looking at me croppedSmoking sculture2 headless suitsHares coming at youThe all seeing bunnyA rabbit with cogs in it...Rust and Metalfemale bunny looks out to the worldBobbie enjoying the Sculpture ParkTree and caveHenry Moore in the ParkThrough the eye of HenryNarrow view of Henry