If I was in Q magazine…

A sad little fantasy of mine has been to appear in the pages of Q magazine. I have a subscription and read mostly the whole magazine each month, I’m a little behind at the moment currently reading last month’s issue. In this issue Graham Coxon was interviewed talking about his musical influences, so I had an idea, I’ll ask my self the same questions!

Hello how’s your day been?
Quite good, I’ve got a lot done and really had an enjoyable day. I put my daughter to bed tonight which I don’t normally do too often so that was nice.

What was the first album you ever bought?
That would have probably been a Michael Jackson tape… Dangerous or Bad I think… I’m really unsure of his personal life but musically he is just brilliant and even at a young age I knew that.

What was the first gig you saw?
My parents from a young age used to take me to pubs in Castleford and we would watch bands on a Friday and Saturday night. One band (deep blue maybe…) had a talented drummer who would play most gigs with his eyes shut, at the time I thought this was stunning, I now know this is easy to pull off. The first big gig was again Jacko at Sheffield Don Valley (might had been obsessed…slightly)

What album made you want to write music?
Peter lent me OK Computer, enough said really. The album blew my mind apart, so many levels, so atmospheric and still is to this day. I knew I needed to make music with other people, if only to cover Radiohead!

Have you ever bought a record on the strength of the album cover?
Yes only once, Massive Attack’s 100th windows. I found it in FOPP in Manchester and picked it up for £3, £3! It was a stunning gatefold vinyl and thought I can’t go wrong with Massive Attack. I was right it is pretty good.

What do you listen to in the car?
It changes often, also I can plug the iPod into my car so that opens most of my music collection up for use. Somehow Take That also seem to be present but also some decent electronica or instrumental music isn’t far away.

Is there a classic album that does nothing for you?
Bon Jovi – it’s just nothing to me (sorry Gemma if you are reading!) its just non-impactful to me, I just think ‘stick some ACDC on and everything will be better’.

What album do you never tire of hearing?
Oh anything by my musical hero’s 65daysofstatic – ever album is a work of beautifulness. Even EP’s of tracks that didn’t make albums would be any other bands peak of output but this is 65 cutting room! Every album is just brilliant and never tires.

What was the last record to inspire you?
I think possibly the last Beastie Boys record – So good, some of the rhythms used are hard, raw and uncompromising. When I listen I think ‘I’d like to play this live’.

What do you want played at your funeral?
The song that comes to mind is Jimmy Eat World’s May Angeles Lead You In but also Sufran Stevens Predatory Wasp, it wouldn’t be totally true to my life but it’s one of the most beautiful songs ever written.


My Top 5 Hip-Hop Moments

As Channel 4 has recently been having a street culture series of programs looking at everything from graffiti to Hip-Hop to all sorts of street sports, I thought I’d look at the 5 most significant Hip-Hop moments to my life. Here is a white working-class lad from Castleford’s view on his greatest Hip-Hop moments of his life:

1. Missy Elliot – Work It

This was the first timberland track I heard and I was a little obsessed with the music video, such good dancing from some very talented people…

2. Beat Freakz

I can’t do street dance but I flipping love watching it, the best crew I have ever seen are Beat Freakz. This clip is from America’s best dance crew on MTV (presented by Mario who is better known as Slater from Save By The Bell). Gasp in awe at just how brilliant they are, even with the sound on mute it’s just so good…I cry watching this, check out the spin at the end when she gets sunglasses and puts them on I mean COME ON!

3. Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip – Thou Shall Always Kill

My mind exploded when I first heard this, mainly a white guy doing spoken word / poetry over some very good beats and talking about so many intelligent things relevant to people in the UK! Been a fan ever since…best line? “thou shall not attend an open mic night…etc” VERY TRUE.

4. Beastie Boys – take the piss out of them selves (again)

Nothing makes me like an artist more when they show to the world they are aware of their position in the grand scheme of things. The Beastie Boys made a very famous video (fight for your right to… Party) and at the time showed underage drinking, lewd acts, gate-crashing parties, and burning a science magazine! So they launched there new album by making a 30 minutes piss take of them visiting their self’s back at that period of time. With a cast of very funny people this is just brilliant – best moment is the cowbell moment…you’ll know what I mean! (warning 30 minutes long (but worth it))

5. Roots Manuva – Witness my Fitness

This is the first rap video I ever took to my heart… video is also genius.

So that’s it for my top 5 but Hip-Hop and the culture that surrounds me continues to influence my life, I might not swagger, make beats in my bedroom, or listen to rap all the time but that’s not to say I dip my head into this flavorsome culture. Hope you enjoyed my little synopsis.

Till next time