Yorkshire Dales – Cheese, Beer and Food.

A group of friends that me and Mairi know every year try and meet up rent a cottage, we cook food and generally explore places together. This year we settled on the Dales (Yorkshire Dales), and Mairi found a great cottage in an out of the way location so we could easily avoid the Royal wedding.

We went to the Wensleydale cheese factory, Black Sheep brewery, Aysgarth falls and Ripon Cathedral among other random places. I took my first star / space photographs which were done by leaving the lens open for 30 seconds so the camera caught as much light as possible. I think the result were not that bad results but my camera can’t handle anything more than 30 seconds which is a shame as I think with a longer time scale I could get stunning images.

I think I enjoyed the waterfall images the most in this set as well as the big country scene images. I thought when we were on top of a hill some of us walked up that it look like another planet so I changed some colour controls in photoshop to make it ‘other worldly’ – let me know if you think that worked…

A funny part of the weekend away was that we had difficulty writing a farewell message in the visitors book, so we wrote “Lovely time had by all, we survived blizzard and zombie onslaught without major incident”

As always these are all shot using a Nikon D3000 with a 18-55mm VR lens and edited using Photoshop 7 (yes old skool)

Have a look at my images and click on them to see more information…

Waterfalls in villageBunting-tasticWensleydale Cheese selectionCheeseIn your EndoLittle red carAysgarth Falls 9Aysgarth Falls 8Aysgarth Falls 7Aysgarth Falls 6Aysgarth Falls 5Aysgarth Falls 4Aysgarth Falls 3Aysgarth Falls 2Aysgarth Falls 1Water on the MoonUp the hill on the Yorkshire Dales 4Up the hill on the Yorkshire Dales 3Up the hill on the Yorkshire Dales 2Up the hill on the Yorkshire Dales 1Yorkshire Dales as MarsSheep on the DalesBlack Sheep bitter being brewedSun, Blue sky and treeWispy cloud on horizon 2Wispy cloud on horizon 1What's that coming over the hillStars in the dales 3Stars in the dales 2Stars in the dales 1Ripon CathedralLight bulbs in trees 2Light bulbs in trees 1Ruby Red flowerRipon Cathedral to the sky