Cats zoomed in

So when I got together with Mairi I inherited two cats. On called Basil and one called Sybil, they are excellent cats to live with and provide a lot of joy so here is their stories on how they came from cat protection league to live with Mairi and how they are doing now.


Basil was from the cat protection league (Wigan) and was taken from a litter of 22. The woman who owned him used him as a pin cushion and also fed him on McDonalds. When Mairi first got him he hid behind the sofa for 3 months.

He now enjoys life and is a cat that LOVES playing and being hugged, he still acts like a kitten despite being over 9 years old! He begs for food and wags his tail when he is happy (like a dog), he is a very special needs cat and often does things like running into walls, getting stung by a bee (twice) and often gets a smack for being annoying from Sybil. which brings me on to…


Sybil was found on the streets of Wigan and was housed a number of times but was quickly given back to cat protection league in Wigan when she would appear stand offish and not come for a stroke. She would during her time ‘inside’ work out how to break out of the cat protection inner cage and would spend time outside.

Mairi gave her a loving home and now at times we can’t tell her NOT to hug, she is a loving and intelligent cat. She will often work out how to open doors, windows, and pull and push ting around in order to get to higher things. She is quite the smart pants of the cat world.

So as i said both cats now have loving homes and only cost £20 each BARGAIN. So if you like cats get them from a cat protection league and help give a Cat that hasn’t had a great start in life a decent future.


Tree’s, flowers, locomotives, food, and a deer…

Morning/afternoon/evening, I have a rather large back date of blog posts I should have done so excuse the massive post but here are the images from the last few months and the stories behind them.

The order goes left to right.

1. Basil -after we had some work done on the house my rather silly cat thought rolling in all thr builders dust was a great way to get used to the new layout, his paws are grey while his body is white(ish) very silly cat.

2-12 Are all taken on a day out to Dunham Massey around May time I think. They are a mixture of glorious landscape images and macro flower images and one with a deer and a tree. I love taking macro flower images so much detail colour and vibrancy, which is why the landscape ones are featured I think the mix of colours are truly amazing, what a great pallet God has to work with.

13 & 14 These taken on my camera by Tish Bolton I think and see me learning how to drive a miniature steam train in the grounds of my old work place the NRM in the UK, it was a great experience to have before I left.

15 & 16 show the movement of a loco called Sterling single from the north yard through the tunnel on Leman road, York with about 5 cm to spare! It wa son it’s way down to London to take part in the railway Children play in Waterloo station.

17 & 18 a few pics of the last exhibtion i took photos of at the NRM all to do with the celebrations for 175 years of GWR ‘God’s own railway’ as it used to be known.

19 during my last meal out with work mates, Emily is centre with lou and gem either side, just thought it was a really nice image.

20 just a nice image from the banks of the river ouse on my walk home after my last day at the NRM.

21 – 23 Mairi with Basil our cat (we do have Sybil as well but she is less photogenic) and Mairi at her birthday party at our house.

So that’s it really, in my next post I’ll have gone through the 300 or so image I took on our Paris holiday and sorted them down to like 30 or so of the best images. So until then thanks for looking. Roy